Commissioned die-cut sticker design for AC Greebs Smokeware Co. 

For thie project, I decided to try and push myself and my knowledge of my software further than I previously had training in. To aid in visualizing AC Greebs' iconic stainless steel design, I decided to take one of my first ventures into 3D imaging, this time utilizing Blender 3D as well as Adobe Illustrator's revolve effects. In addition, the client and I agreed that the sticker design as a whole would benefit from a level of cartoonishness in style, thus I began experimenting with hand-drawn elements that would eventually become core vector fixtures. I'm very proud of how this design turned out, and I enjoy seeing my stickers peppered around AC Greebs' Instagram feed from time to time.

Copies of this sticker are available from AC Greebs' website.

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