Ökocat (ocko-khāt) - An all-natural cat litter brand that prides itself on making life better for the cats (and humans) using it.
Despite being very dedicated to making superior cat litter, Ökocat has yet to become a common household name in the US. Our goal was to show discerning cat-owners what makes Ökocat different from the various other brands of litter.
Our Direction:
For our campaign, we decided to celebrate the natural wonderment and curiousity our feline friends have for the world. We thought, "what better way to speak visually to wanderlust than with travel posters?" so we did just that. We implemented styles of illustration and typography from various travel poster styles, now looking at locations uniquely attractive to cats. Our intent was to show the passion and commitment Ökocat has to understanding the needs of cats and cat owners, wherever curiosity takes them.
Art Direction: William Vogelsang & Eric Orentas
Copywriting: Eric Orentas & William Vogelsang

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