Cocktails are a fantastic example of the philosophy of  Alchemy. 
While largely associated with attempting to create literal solid gold, the true goal of Alchemy is simply to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Outside of cocktails, I aspire to do this every time I’m given a project of any kind. My goal is always to create works with value beyond what I start with, and maybe one day that will result in gold.
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Still curious?
Have some random facts about me:

- I've made 129 Pinterest boards and counting. If you want to steal my inspiration, here's a link.
- My Spotify account has 325 playlists, each with a specific purpose. If that interests you, here's another link
- During my tenure as a bartender, I successfully got 3 drinks of mine added to cocktail menus. (No link, but you can ask me for the specs.)
- I was actually productive with my time in quarantine. During that time, I became obsessed with perfecting my own vegan curry recipe, and taught myself the 3D software you see used on this site.
- My last name is German for "Bird-Song." I aspire to be able to speak anything else in German.

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